East Texas Home Repair, LLC is a Texas based Home Improvement Network of professional tradesmen and contractors. We are not an internet service directory company that sells your personal information as leads to contractors. We are the contractors that perform the work for you! With us there is no middle man.

We provide handyman services, interior and exterior specialized contractors and tradesmen, as well as variety of lawn and garden services. Our goal is to be the solution for all your home improvement and maintenance needs.


Have a ceiling fan to install? A leaky faucet? Need power washing? There is such a wide variety of projects that we could list that we can help you with. We can handle practically any need!


From replacing appliances to new kitchen designs, custom cabinetry to installing new flooring, East Texas Home Repair can handle any home interior construction or repair tasks that you need done! We will ...


We provide quality roof and gutter repairs in the East Texas area plus we do outdoor construction . exterior painting and much more. You can trust that you're in good hands when our staff takes on your project.  If you ...


Whether you need your lawn mowed, flower beds cleaned, brush cleared, trees trimmed or a new flower garden, we can take care of it all for you! We love the smiles on owners faces when they come out and see that ....


East Texas Home Repair's services are offered to everyone in the East Texas region! This includes the towns and cities of Tyler Tx, Longview Tx, Marshall Tx, Carthage, Jefferson, Linden, Atlanta, Pittsburg, Mt. Pleasant, Daingerfield, Gilmer Texas, Mineola, Quitman, Hawkins, Lindale, Canton, Kilgore Texas, Henderson, Carthage and many more.

The Counties we cover are Smith, Wood, Upshur, Marion, Harrison, Gregg, Rusk, and parts of Van Zandt, Franklin, Titus, Morris, Panola, Cherokee counties.

If you are located in one of the cities or counties listed, we’ve got you covered!

What makes us different from directory service companies?

  • Texas Tx

    We based here in The Great State of Texas!

  • Texas Tx

    We cut out the middlemen!

  • Texas Tx

    We do not sell your personal information.

  • Texas Tx

    Our integrity and transparency in the way we do business.

  • Texas Tx

    We have great respect and gratitude for our contractors and the homeowners we serve.

Internet service directory companies are marketing companies (middlemen) not home improvement companies, they make money by selling your personal information and access. With us, we are in the home improvement business. We get you in touch with the people actually doing the work, while protecting your personal information.

When you do business with us you are supporting a Texas based company. Contrast that with HomeAdvisor that is based in Denver, Colorado, or Angie’s List/Angie who are based in Indianapolis, IN, or Houzz, Palo Alto, California, or Porch, Seattle, WA, or Thumbtack, San Francisco, California, and Bark who are headquartered in London, England.

Most of the complaints against internet service directory companies like the ones just mentioned, are that they take your personal information, Name, Address, Email, Phone number, nature of the work to be done BEFORE they tell you if they even have anyone that does the work you want done!

The second common complaint is related to the first, even if you don’t sign up with them, they still may sell your information to many local contractors. The core of internet service directory business model is to sell leads (your personal information) to local contractors as leads (not guaranteed jobs). A lead can be sold dozens of times for $50 to $100, costing the local business community $1000’s of dollars every time just one these service directory companies send out a single lead. In order to stay in business, the cost of advertising and lead generation is eventually passed on to the consumer, driving prices up for everyone.

The third downside is that the contractors call you first most likely will get the job, but the phone won’t quit ringing. Because everyone that paid for the same lead will also call you! So, expect to get 10-15-20 or 30 more calls. Also, something to think about. A good contractor or handyman is busy, because they are in demand! The first few calls you receive may be from people with time on their hands, because they currently don’t have a tool in their hands!

Why Pick East Texas Home Repair?

Here are 12 good reasons:

1. We are a locally owned company, and hire local East Texas sub-contractors and companies.

2. We represent the homeowners and provide them with a “one source solution” who can provide a network of qualified contractors.

3. We provide nearly an endless amount of services to maintain or improve a your property.

4. East Texas Home Repair limits the number of contractors we use because we only want the best in their field and trade. Our network contractors must meet or exceed our Quality Assurance Standards and Business Criteria.

5. We hold our contractors accountable for the work they do, we maintain a database of the work they have done and how well they have maintained our Quality Assurance Standards.

6. ETHR maintains a database of each of our customers property and record who did, what work and when the work was completed.

7. We provide random audits of our affiliate contractors as part of our Quality Assurance

8. To make sure the bids are comparable East Texas Home Repair gives feedback to the homeowners regarding the bids offered in respect to the terms and conditions and comparing time and materials, so an actual value can be better understood.

9. East Texas Home Repair gives feedback to our contractors of why they won or lost the bid, in an effort to make the network better. This is part of our overall Quality Assurance Program.

10. We have a Quality Assurance Program for our affiliated contractors. The better they do, the more jobs and opportunities are given, therefore, more money they make and the opposite of this is also true. We provide a strong framework of incentives and disincentives for contractors, first found in Luke 16:10-14 & Matthew 13:30. This system of ethics and quality was created by an excellent carpenter! It has worked well for more than 2000 years, so we’re going to keep following His lead.

11. We offer discounts to veterans, first responders, seniors, and to those caring for anyone with special needs.

12. There are a lot more reasons to pick us for your home repair and improvements, but no one wants to read a novel anymore, so just call us!

Find out more ABOUT US and our services on our FAQ page

What Our Clients Say

The hot water tank in our attic ruptured causing ceiling and water damage in our daycare. Home & Garden Service was contracting company. Their workman was on time and got to work cleaning up the mess. After tearing out the damaged ceiling. He had a clever solution on getting the 4x8 sheets of drywall on the ceiling without any helpers helping him, by using 2x4’s as braces he got everything up and in place. Then he taped and textured and painted the ceiling. Then he started in on the water damaged walls and flooring. He was done it look like it never happened. Actually, better than it was before. The quality of their work is outstanding and price was very reasonable! I have used them since, multiple times. They have even done work for me at my mother’s and my son’s house.

- Tony P.

Every Spring, I have a list of home repairs and always in search for Handyman to take care of them. I called and spoke to Mark and we scheduled an appointment to begin the work. He showed up early so that he could get his tools ready for all of jobs that were on my list. His tools were top of the line and I knew then that the work was going to be beyond what I have received in the past. I had small tree limbs near my roof that he took care of in a few minutes, a screen that had blown off during a recent storm (2nd story) and he put it back on and also reinforced the shutters just to make sure they were also secure. Then the big job, power washing the house and cleaning the perimeter fence and a much loved screened porch. His pressure washer was amazing.  Right tool and attachments for this job. This took several hours, as the house hadn’t been power washed since before CoVid. The house, fence and porch look amazing! The best job ever done in all if the years I have lived here. I was so impressed with the quality of his work, that I added a gratuity to the very reasonable amount that he charged.  Customer for life!

- Marty M.

We bought a fixer-upper, it had been on the market for more than four year. It was under construction when the owners put in on the market. It was close to being done, but it still needed a lot of work; upper kitchen cabinets, some flooring, a lot of drywall work, trim work, door casings, painting, and a screened in back porch and some electrical work in the garage and a myriad of other things. We found Mark and his business on Facebook. He took care of everything. We only had to deal with him, not 10 different contractors. He went way beyond our expectations. Solving problems, fixing things and even doing something we couldn’t get anyone else to do.
Wow. I was very pleased with all his work. We have been long time customers of Mark’s and followed him as his business grew from being a handyman, to his work at Home & Garden Services, to today in his new venture as the founder of East Texas Home Repair.

- Kathleen W.

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